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‼️Please take the time to read this important information about and regarding Mango’s Miracles. ‼️


🔴 Adoption Process Breakdown: 

We always want to thank people for their interest in Mango’s Miracles and our adoptable pets. The following information contains our adoption expectations for those looking to adopt from us. Please read it thoroughly. 

We are not your typical shelter in that we do not have open hours for people to come see the dogs and cats in our care. We will only schedule meet and greets for those with an approved application on file. We will complete vet references and/ or personal references before contacting an approved applicant. Yearly checkups, grooming, keeping your pet on important prevention and ensuring all medical needs are met are very important to us when reviewing applicants. We see animals struggle every day and we want to ensure our animals are placed in the best home possible. We are not a first come, first serve business. Our adoptable animals go to the homes that fit their needs the BEST. 


A pet is a lifetime commitment and we expect our adopters to fully commit and care for these animals. Our review process does take time. We are a SMALL AND I MEAN VERY SMALL volunteer based rescue, meaning everyone helping is taking time out of their day to help out. We all work full time jobs on top of having families that require our immediate attention and then rescue work is usually done in the evenings or down time. Please allow up to 7 business days to hear back from us via email if your application is approved. All accepted applicants will receive an email from Once applications are accepted, it may take a few days to set up a meet and greet times that works for everyone’s schedule. If you are looking for a pet same day or by next day, then Mango’s Miracles will not be the best fit for your needs but we are happy to give you a list of shelters and rescues whose process is shorter and has full time employees. 


Check out our available animals on Petfinder! 

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